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Books to Movies

Page history last edited by Terry Doherty 14 years, 4 months ago

Have you noticed how many books turn into movies? And not just novels ... picture books, too. Instead of looking at the glass half empty (kids lamenting movies ruining books) think about what's in the glass - kids talking about a book they READ. Before you go any further, we highly recommend reading Movies Can Be a Teacher's Best Friend by reading teacher Tess Alfonsin at the Reading Countess.


Because there are so many ways to use book-movie combinations, we have decided to add a page that lists books to film. These aren't reviews per se, but some suggestions on books you might use incombination with movies, or vice versa.


7 Sin-sational B-Grade Movie Books by Michael Adams @ Flashlight Worthy Books (March 2010)


Favorite Book to Screen Adaptations by

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