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Fun and Games with Literacy Concepts

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There are plenty of online fun and games, but sometimes as parents we want to "unplug" the kids and get them away from their beloved screens. Here is a collection of ideas that offers lots of fun, with no batteries or electricity required.


Literature in the Lives of Today's Children - This page on the Rutgers University site offers ideas on engaging kids with real-world reading (a la cookbooks) and also talks about the role of books in our kids "media saturated lives" (via BookChook)


Songs for Literacy Learning - Scroll down on Mrs. Jones' Sing Along page to find a WHOLE BUNCH of songs to sing along with your kids (via @sharnon007, February 2010)


Teaching Literacy Online -  compiled list of 50 free online literacy games.


Who's the Baker? - Valerie @ The Almost Librarian created this game when she was a student teacher. (The Almost Librarian, February 2010) 




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