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Videos about Reading

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Sometimes it helps to see - and hear - someone talk about reading. In this collection of videos, we have ideas for parents and suggestions for kids ... who will particularly like Jim Trelease's video about having to read that book you don't want to read!


The Reading Rockets website hosts a set of videos for the PBS Series Launching Young Readers. Here are direct links to some of the videos in the series.


Videos about Building Literacy Skills

Professional Storyteller and author Christine Petrell Kallevig demonstrates how to use pockets as an educational tool to enhance language skills in early childhood, preschool, and primary classrooms.








Videos about Reading Aloud

As you watch this video, check out how responsive this baby is, how he's listening, how he's anticipating the next animal noise, and oh, how he's enjoying himself thoroughly!



Isn't it great to see a dad so involved in caring for his kids? Not only does this Dad read aloud, and make uber cool animal noises, but also he uses puppets to develop his kids' literacy skills. I defy you to watch his next video without a chuckle.




Here is a pregnant mum, reading to her daughter and unborn child. Lots of people believe that babies can detect language while in utero. My view? It can't hurt, and what a great habit to continue after birth.



Videos to Help Dormant (aka Reluctant) Readers


The target audience for this Jim Trelease video is preteens and teens who don't like to read, but the contents apply equally well to reluctant-reader adults.


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