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Read Alikes by Audience

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A read alike is a book (or series) that is similar to something you have already read -- and already like! The formula is straightforward:  If you like [insert author, title, series name] then you might like _________.


Read alikes make it easy to keep kids reading and stretch in incremental steps.  Most read-alike lists are geared toward independent readers, though you can occasionally find a list for easy readers. If you are looking for read-alikes that aren't listed here, scroll down to the bottom of this page for resources that may be able to help you.


Elementary Readers (Independent readers – 3rd grade and up)

If you liked ...


Captain Underpants Read-alikes... Charles County Public Library website

Hardy Boys Read-alikes… Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Junie B. Jones Read-alikes… Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone (date)

Little  House on the Prairie Read-alikes... Charles County Public Library website

Magic Treehouse Read-alikes... Charles County Public Library website



Middle Grade If you liked …

Frindle Read-alikes… Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Harry Potter Read-alikes Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Hatchet Read-alikes… Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Holes Read-alikes… Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)


Lemony Snicket Read-alikes Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Lock it, Lick it, Click it: Diaries, Letters and Email Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Maniac Magee Read-alikes… Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

The Outsiders Read-alikes Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

The Princess Diaries Read-alikes Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Stargirl Read-alikes Sarah Mulhern The Reading Zone  (date)

Time Warp Trio Read-alikes... Charles County Public Library website

Vampire Reads- If You Love Twilight! Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Twilight Read-Alikes for Younger Readers School Library Journal (January 2010)

Westing Game Read-alikes Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)



Young Adult If you liked …

Into Thin Air Read-alikes (Adventure stories) Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone  (date)

Mockingjay Alicia @ LibrarYAn (August 2010)


Other Read-Alike Resources


Charles County Public Library website lists

Hennepin County Library website tools, including lists and book/author searches

New Jersey State Library Youth Services website lists

What Should I Read Next website tool for book/author searches



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