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Learning about and Using the Library

Page history last edited by Terry Doherty 13 years, 2 months ago

What is the one place where you can get free books any day of the week? The library! Of course libraries offer more than just books ... there are DVDs, music, special programs, even story times. We've rounded up some resources to help those who may not be familiar with - or who are uncomfortable - using your neighborhood library.  We even have some videos about libraries.


Books Read in Childhood Change Lives by Eva Mitnick @ the ALSC blog (April 2009)

The Children's Librarian Offers Encouragement by Carrie @ Reading My Library (March 2010)

How to Donate Books to the Library by Steph Shu @ Steph Shu Reads (March 2010)

Making the Most of a Library Visit with a Toddler by Amy @ Literacy Launchpad (November 2009)

More Library Time Specifics by Amy @ Liteacy Launchpad (November 2009)

Sharing a Love of reading at the Library by Eva Mitnick @ Eva's Book Addiction (March 2010)

Struggling to Make Libraries Friendly for Families by Eva Mitnick @ Eva's Book Addiction (July 2009)

Teaching Children to Use the Library by Amy @ Literacy Launchpad (August 2009)

The Whole Book Approach to Sharing Picture Books by Eva Mitnick @ Eva's Book Addiction(April 2009)


Worldcat.org - This is an online, international, card catalog. By typing in a book's title, you can see what libraries around the world have it - and in what languages! 



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