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Content Criteria for this Wiki

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Reading is a public commodity ... it is our belief that no one should have to pay extra to learn how to read. With that in mind, these are the criteria for the material listed in this blog.


  • Online content must be available for free. Some of the sites listed do require registration, and if they do, we note that. But the registration will be free.
  • Meet public standards for family-friendly and kid-friendly content.
  • Does not promote a specific product or "system" or otherwise intimate any type of commercial gain.
  • Promotes the free exchange of ideas vis-a-vis reading, learning to read, and literacy.
  • Does not discriminate, judge, or suggest favoritism for any group, idea, or organization to the exclusion of others.


In order to be considered for inclusion in this wiki, any recommended resource must meet ALL of these criteria.



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